Not Tolerating Your Own Excuses

Unless something happens, when you read this I will have gone over 900 miles round trip to attend a funeral. When I was told about the funeral, I instantly thought of reasons not to go.  Due to this distance, I had to take off work the day before, the day of, and the day after. It’s a long ways to go by myself, since my wife couldn’t get off work herself. I couldn’t afford the gas or the wear and tear on my car. Et cetera.

For some people, those are legitimate reasons. Everyone is in a different situation and has to made decisions based on that. But in my case, every single one of those reasons was simply an excuse, something I put in the way myself to avoid having to go to something I didn’t like. I hate funerals and don’t enjoy going to them (it is hard to do an event well that is entirely about death).  Then I repeated the excuses to myself, willing them to be true. But no matter how many times I did they weren’t true. Each of my excuses had a solution: I have paid vacation time, I could connect with family and drive with them, and so on.

We do this all the time, building up walls to avoid facing our problems. Just like the three little pigs, we hide from the big bad wolf. Every time something breaks down our wall, we build a stronger one. We hope that if we build the wall strong enough, the wolf give up and go away. Or even better, he will simply climb down the chimney into the pot for us.

Life isn’t like the fairy tales. Our problems will not go away simply because we wish them to. Nor will our problems wait around until we gather the courage to face them. Time waits for no one. Do not give in to the urge to make excuses. You only get one chance at life. Don’t waste it.

-That is all.


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