Matt Bell, Writer

My brother Matt has studied to be both a lawyer and a programmer. He had a success working as waiter, bartender, and manager. He has a nice resume of accomplishments as an editor and a web designer.

But as his core, Matt is a writer.

When I write my tell-all biography of him, I will tell of late night/early morning emails I would receive when in high school. They always contained the latest creation Matt had written in his basement apartment while I slept. I was often one of the first to read it, and Matt eagerly awaited my opinion and critique.

But that didn’t last long. Soon his skills out grew my ability to really contribute to, so he moved on, seeking peers of his equal or his better. For the past dozen years, that has been his method: continuing seeking out those who know more and different things than him and using those interactions to better himself.

This constant drive toward improvement shows in his work. This week marks the release of his first full-length book How They Were Found. Having read it, I could tell you how great it is. But you would accuse me of bias and with good reason. So don’t take my word for it. Go read the good things Reese Okyong Kwon says at The Believer. Or Garnett Kilberg Cohen at Triquarterly, Jen Michalski at JMWW, and Marie Mundaca at Hipster Book Club. If none of those work for you, try Chris Heavener at Annalemma Magazine, Tobias Carroll at Flavorwire, or Debrah Lechner at Hayden’s Ferry Review.

The fact that they are writing of my older brother, the same man who wrote stories in the basement of my parents’ house, is simply amazing. It is hard to comprehend how much he has improved, the talent level he has reached.

Matt, I am proud of you and everything you have accomplishment. Congratulations on your first full-length book. Maybe this be the first of many.

You can buy How They Were Found straight from his press Dzanc Books. If you’d rather go more mainstream, it is also available from Amazon as well.

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