Living Without an iPod

From my first iPod five years ago, I have carried an iPod constantly with me every day. Originally, the goal was to carry all of my music with me everywhere I went. As my usage continued, my primary use was to listen to a constant influx of new podcasts. I only needed to have my “core music” available.  This caused a shift from a 60GB iPod Video to an iPod Touch. I needed less space, and the added features of the Touch (Wi-fi, apps, larger screen, etc) were valuable.

This past week, I took this evolution to the next step: I abandoned my iPod Touch for a new smartphone. Specifically, an HTC Incredible. Obviously the logically jump would have been to an iPhone. Unfortunately, the iPhone is not available on my wireless network, and I feel the superior network is more important than any phone hardware.

As I stated above, the primary use of my iPod was to listen to podcasts. On my iPod, getting new podcasts involved setting up iTunes to auto-download them, syncing my iPod from my computer, and then listening to them. While it is possible to download directly on iPod, it is a cumbersome process and Wi-Fi only (oddly enough, it would also be similar on the iPhone, which is limited to 20MB files over the cellular network).

With my new phone, Ia far better means of accessing the content I want. My podcasts are instantly downloaded by my software whenever new ones are available, ready for me to listen as needed. I have a deceive that operates independently of any computer.

This freedom is an amazing feeling. The smartphone extends this beyond just music as well. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and any other internet based tool is available to me on the goal. While the experience is not always better (it is hard to beat a real keyboard), it works for 90% of the internet usage I do.

So my iPod Touch now lives at home. Its role has been completely filled by my phone. This means I have to carry one less thing with me everywhere I go. While it is weird to leave the iPod, I think I can learn to live without it.

-That is all.


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