Make Your Space Or Does Your Space Make You?

As much as we like to believe our actions are entirely our own, every environment we find ourselves in affects our behavior. Our habits and runts are very much informed by the layout and features of our spaces. You can no more easily escape this effect than you can avoid breathing the air.

There are two main responses to this effect. The first is acceptance. Your habits and behaviors simply adjust to the space. The space becomes the determining factor. If the sun shines into your room at every morning and wakes you up, you get out of bed when the sunshines in, regardless of the time.

The second response is adjustment. You tweak and adjust the space to meet your habits. The level of adjustment can vary from sitting in a different chair to remodeling an entire home. In our sunlight example above, as an adjustor you might put up a curtain, move the bed, sleep in a different bed, plant a tree outside, etc.

Of course, few people are entirely one or the other. There is a certain level of acceptance most people have toward their spaces, and a certain level of adjustment they will put the effort into changing the environment. Myself, I lean hard to the adjustment side. I am constantly adjusting and tweaking the furniture and layouts to get the ideal space to enhabit. Others will arrange their furniture in a room and leave it alone for twenty years.

There is no right or wrong level. Each person has to find the level that works for them best. Think about the spaces you enhabit. How much are you willing to accept? How much do you adjust? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

-That is all.


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