Extra Credits

I am a big fan of the Escapist. The online video game magazine has been producing great, unique content about video games for years now. Originally, this content was exclusive to the written work, but in the past few years has really taken the lead in quality video content.

The Escapist is not afraid to tackle issues above and beyond the base level of consumer commentary. They actual have a valuable interested in looking at the bigger picture of what makes video games valuable as an art form, and not simply entertainment. They also are constantly expanding their body of products.

A great example of this is Extra Credits. Every week, cast members James Portnow, Daniel Floyd and Allison Theus take a subject related to games and really dive into it. They compact a great deal of information about what is out there in games, how the games themselves are made, and, most importantly how to make them better. For example, this is their video on sexuality and games:

Simply phenomenal stuff, especially since it crammed into only a few minutes. They covered the basic parameters of the topic of sexuality, then used a great example of how to do it well, and provide a framework to improve upon it in the future.

This kind of content is pretty much unheard of from the primary video game news sources like IGN or Joystiq. As such, I highly recommend a deep investigation into all the Escapist has to offer both now, and in the future. There is always new things to find and enjoy.


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