Going Home For Christmas

I lived 18 years in the same house in the same small town. When I went away to college, it was not that far. Two hours, and I could be sleeping in my old bed anytime I wanted. As such, I made the trip quite a bit.

As I have gotten older, these trips have gotten fewer and further between. There is no one single cause for this cause. I have longer, more involved weeks, which takes its toll and discourages traveling. Being married means double the family to visit, so we have take trips both north and south. We have also greatly expanded our local social network, with more activities and obligations. Finally, my family has become more mobile, with people often coming to visit me, rather than I having to go to them.

When I head to my parents house this week for Christmas, it will be the first time in months since I was home. One of the longest stretches I have had between visits. So while I have seen my family, I am feeling a real sense of homesickness.

This homesickness has manifested as a great excitement for Christmas the likes of I haven’t felt in a long time. It will be wonderful to return home, to familiar sights and sounds, to spend quality time with my family in the place of my childhood. I can’t wait.

-That is all.


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