How to Draw A Camel Caravan

Math is often difficult to teach to young people. This is not really because math is hard to learn, but rather it is hard to present in a fashion that students find interesting. Literature can tell great stories, chemistry can cause explosions, and music can make large noises. What can math do?

Math can draw a caravan of camels.

You might be wondering what math has to do with camels or drawing in general. This is a fine question to ask, considering this connection is rarely seen. Luckily, I have a great video that explains just that. While talking about drawing camels though, the video also does a great job explaining infinite series. It is a perfect illustration on how explain math concepts in an interesting and engaging manner. Watch and enjoy:

Pretty cool way to draw camels, is it not? You can find more of Vihart’s videos here.

-That is all.


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