True Value of a Gift

At the end of last month, I celebrated Christmas with my family. The highlight of the holiday is our family gift giving tradition. Each of my siblings and I buy each other gifts. Many are the same things we always want: movies, video games, DVDs, books, etc. A special few gifts seem to go the extra mile and really hit all the right notes.

Personally, I always try to be the one who comes up with these kinds of gifts. I want someone to remember not just the gift but why I gave them. I have started leaving clues on the package, littles hints to what lies inside. I believe this raises the anticipation and connects the wrapped present with the gift within, extending the experience longer. Most years, I can at least lay claim to having given the most personal, well-thought gift.

Not this year. Not even close.

Because my little brother Luke turned the tables on me in an epic fashion. He bought me the ultimate gift. It is a gift that I would have instantly bought the moment I saw it, regardless of price, yet something I also had absolutely no idea even existed. What was the gift? This t-shirt:

Yes, that is the title of the blog, in the font of the Master Control program from the original Tron. You can’t really see, but the long lines end in light cycles, racing outward toward the edges. It perfectly represents a dual meaning of my present focus on this blog and my nostalgic  memories of an old childhood favorite. It is perfect.

This is why gift giving can be such an amazing thing. It is impressive to give a gift that is simultaneously something you never knew existed but instantly developed a need to have it upon learning of its existence. It is what makes gift giving more than just ritualized commercialism and turns it into an act of love.

-That is all.


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