Truth over Happiness

One of the primary defenses I hear for a religion is that it is good for people, usually with two different examples. The first is practical benefits of the charity work religions do, from soup kitchens to counseling. The second are the psychological benefits: sense of purpose, death comfort, etc.

Every  time these get trotted out, they make me angry. Why? Because they are not reasons to believe in a religion. No matter what positive effects a religion might have, they should make no difference. When determining whether or not to believe a particular religion, you need ask only one question:

Is it true?

That is it. The only reason to believe in a religion is if that religion is true. Even if a religion would cause the entire world to burst into peaceful song and dance, I would not support it.In fact, I would fight against it and its lies in every way possible.

It matters more than tradition, more than social acceptance, more than even happiness. Living a lie intentionally is intellectually bankrupt. I will have no part of that.

-That is all.


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