Always Something To Do

I am never bored anymore.

This was a startling revelation to me. When I was a kid, boredom was something that I was constantly fighting. It left like every day I would exhaust the things I could think up to do. I had to constantly rack my brain to think up something to keep me occupied.

Now? I have a list of things to keep me occupied not for mere hours, nor days, but probably weeks. I probably have over a hundred hours of video games that I need to play. There is a pile of books to read. Between Netflix and Hulu, I could watch new movies and television for months and not repeat anything.

And this is just solo activities. I also have my skeptic meetups, my D&D campaign, and various family events. It is a rare weekend that I have absolute nothing to do or nowhere to go.

Boredom is no longer ever my problem. It has been beaten back by the sheer amount of interesting things I have to spend my time doing. Of course it has been replaced with a new problem:

Where am I going to find time to do all the awesome things I want to do?

Somehow, I think I’ll manage with this problem just fine.

-That is all.


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