Doing It Wrong

Below are some incredible photos of LEGO creations. I wish I knew the origin of them. I found them here, but could not find an original source. If anyone knows, I would love to give credit.

This is the beauty of LEGO blocks. The photos on the box are merely suggestions; the instructions are simply options. Each block contains a kernel of imagination. A tub of LEGO blocks can become anything your heart desires. As these images show, anything is possible if you have the desire. There is no toy like them.

-That is all.


One thought on “Doing It Wrong

  1. Nice!

    I remember LEGO blocks! I remember begging my mom for some when we were at a drug store. She tried to talk me out of wanting them. I guess she thought I wouldn’t play with them for more than five minutes.

    But man! They were the staple of my childhood play! I never built elaborate things like what you posted here, but like your post title suggested– “doing it wrong” was the most fun. I’ll make something like a starship bridge and pretend my LEGO people were Star Trek characters or something. Very simple stuff, but my imagination took care of the rest.

    I can’t even get my kids to touch LEGO blocks. I’m so disappointed! The Nintendo DS has ruined them both!

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