Which Day is Best? The DLC Dilemma

So there is an internet controversy going on about the recently released Portal 2. There are lots of complaints, but the primary revolves around a Day 1 store selling DLC cosmetic items for your co-op characters. Lots of this complaint comes from not the content itself (though that gets some rage), but that it happens on Day 1. This confuses me.

Don’t like DLC? I get that. Like DLC but not if its launched on Day 1? That makes no sense to me.

Day 1 DLC is the BEST DLC. In an ideal world, every piece of DLC that is going to be made will all be available that first day, with set sizes and prices. You know, the day you buy the game, what DLC there is and what will ever be. Then you, as a consumer, can decide if the developer is “attempting to cheat the customer.”

Game budgets are complicated, especially as they have raised to movie budget levels. Sometimes DLC even have completely different budgets than the main game. Regardless, the company selling the game needs to price every piece of content in a way that makes the most money from their consumers. If you believe a company to do anything else, you have unrealistic expectations of companies working in a capitalistic environment.

The consumer’s job is to take what is offered, at the price it is offered, and decide what is worth spending money on. DLC is part of the equation, just as the content of the real game is. The earlier you have all of this information, the better your decision will be.

Waiting a month to release things done on launch day doesn’t change anything. The equation of value is the same. Waiting a month to develop the DLC, then launch it, still doesn’t change anything. Six months? Again, no change. It is still extra content that you have to pay for. Arguing the DLC is released TOO early is just silly (Too late, on the other hand, can be a problem if you’ve already put the game down). Better to be informed as early as possible, before anyone buys the game if possible, what the exact DLC situation is going to be. Informed decisions are the best decisions.

-That is all.


2 thoughts on “Which Day is Best? The DLC Dilemma

  1. Lucas Bell says:

    What do you feel about the DLC that is actually on the disc though? This include the multiplayer unlock keys.

  2. Nicholas Lester Bell says:

    I don’t have any strong feelings about having DLC on the disc. Just because it is there does not give you absolute rights to it. For example, if you buy Photoshop from Adobe, and they send you a disk that has the all of the Creative Studio on it, you still only own Photoshop and have no right to the other software. Or when you download a trial version of something that is merely unlocked by a serial code. Simply possessing something does not give you the right to that content. You get what you paid for – a license to play the game being sold, nothing more.

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