Green With Envy: Creative Marketing

Today’s topic is this recently released trailer. Watch it and jump below for the conversation.

American movies are in general quite formulaic. True surprise is a rarity. So much so that having a truly surprising twist can make a director’s career (see: M. Night Shyamalan). Part of the reason I don’t watch as many as I used to is that I always want things that are new and different; with few exceptions, repetition bores me to tears.

Disney obviously had this background of expectations in mind when creating this trailer. The entire initial setup plays out  exactly as every trailer for every romantic comedy ever made. It has the standard intro, conflict, close on hope of redemption arch. Then it throws everything out the window at the end and transforms into a Muppet sketch.

I find this spectacularly refreshing. Especially coming from Disney, a bastion of tradition and conformity. It also gives me a great deal of hope for this new Muppet movie. The play on expectations vs reality is a key part of Muppet humor. At least based on this trailer, the new movie is one to look forward to.

-That is all.


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