Always Full: Being an Optimist

Every once in a while, you come across an image you just have to share. This one is perfect description of my general attitude:

I am an eternal optimist. It takes a great deal to deter my generally sunny attitude. Even in the face of catastrophic events, I tend to approach them with an “every storm cloud has a silver lining” attitude.

Attitude is a key to this approach. Without the right mindset, life’s problems can be crippling. Learning to frame your life’s events in a positive light takes work, but it not out of anyone’s reach.

The key is to recognize a negative reaction, and reframe it into a positive if you can. “This rainy day will help my garden grow.” If you can’t, at least try to bring it up to neutral. “This snow sucks to drive in, but it is absolutely beautiful to look at.” How you generally feel moment-to-moment is built up of all these individual thoughts. The more positive ones will add up to you feeling good about your life.

This is not to say you can not ever feel poorly. Life is full of reasons for legitimate sorrow and sadness. It is perfectly acceptable to grieve at the loss of a loved one. But you should not have the same level of response from a broken cellphone. Moderate your response so it is appropriate to the situation, and you’ll find it far easier to recover and move forward.

Everyone is different; not everyone can regulate their emotions and thoughts this way. Despite that, it is worth trying this  approach to see if you can. The ability to keep a positive attitude should be greater enjoyment of life and a superior level of happiness.

-That is all.


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