Never Do I Go Alone

Every success in my life can be summed up very simply:

I never did it alone.

This weekend had an excellent example. My wife and I needed help moving all our large furniture items from our apartment to the new house. We lacked both the extra hands needed and the large vehicles to carry them. So a call for aid went out. It was answered by a dozen volunteers to help, with others waiting in the wings if we needed them. The move went quickly, with everyone pitching in so that no one had to do too much. In no time, everything was in its place, and we were sitting in the living room with cold drinks and pizza.

This support network is a privilege that I do not take lightly. I know full well that it is not something that most people have. The ability to call on this kind of aid is rare, and mine is not just a single source. I have access to several networks of friends and family to help.

My entire life is full of moments where I could not have succeeded on my own. From college to weddings to house buying, I have had a foundation of support give me a boost, extending my reach to bigger and better things whenever I have needed them.

My challenge is to always be available in return. Because that is how these support structures not only stay strong, but grow and develop. It is only by every member putting in as much as ze is able that everyone benefits. If everyone contributes to the pot, there will always be something to eat.

-That is all.


One thought on “Never Do I Go Alone

  1. Mom says:

    It is not a very hard decision to help you out….as you are so awesome about helping others…but also so great about doing so much on your own….you don’t wait around for others to step forward to help you….you do all you can on your own….and only then, ask for assistance.

    I am so proud to call you my son

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