Taking My Place in the Kitchen

I live a relatively gender neutral household. No job is assigned by the gender of the person. In fact, it is a rare activity that is only given to one person. Cooking is one such activity.

With only the two of us, cooking is a relatively minimal affair. We rarely do large complex meals; small and simple fits us best. There is no real system to our schedule; whoever feels up to it ends up cooking. It is an activity that is generally passed onto the other person if possible.

But I have a secret I would like to share with my fine readership. Just promise not to tell my wife, since she’ll use it to her advantage. The secret? I really love cooking.

Creating a good meal is a magic-like process. A collection of diverse ingredient, most of which are unappetizing on their own, combine to form a delicious food, Voltron-style. Even a simple meal of a few items is a satisfying creation.

Cooking for yourself is nice; home cooked food is always welcome. But cooking for others is even more satisfying. Sharing food is a very primal activity. It speaks to the very core and engenders feels of great appreciation.

This appreciation is one of the best parts of cooking. Positive reinforcement and all that. Definitely makes it all worth it.

-That is all.