The Power of Quick Look

I am an outspoken fanboy of There is no video game website that I enjoy more than them. Some of that has to do with the personalities; the crew is both entertaining and informative. The site also has a fantastic community, creating things like But the true value is in content. When it comes to content, Giantbomb offers something that no one else does: the Quick Look.

The Quick Look is exactly what it sounds: a quick look at the game. Of course “quick” is relative. They are usually 20-30 minutes long. But compared to a 15 hour video game, it is a bit-sized chunk.

The format is one of the Giantbomb crew playing the game, with one or two others sitting next to them watching. The crew talks about the game experience as it unfolds before the viewer.  This gives you an actual gameplay experience, something that previews, trailers, and reviews don’t really give.

There is something brutally honest about the Quick Looks (and brutal honest is what End of Line is all about). Because of the informal atmosphere, nothing is held back. Even if the crew is overly kind, it wouldn’t make a difference. The viewer can see exactly what the game is like, for good or for ill.

Quick Looks have been great influences on my purchasing choices. In the past few months, Quick Looks have led me to pick up two gems (Alan Wake and After Burner Climax) while preventing me from wasting time a complete dud (Castlevania Harmony of Dispair). I have included all three Quick Looks in this post. Please take a look and see for yourself.

Screenshots are nice. Trailers are enjoyable. Reviews are useful. But the value of a game comes down to actual gameplay. Giantbomb and their Quick Looks gives that to me. And because its not really given anywhere else, Giantbomb is always at the top of my list for video game sites.

-That is all