Welcome to End of Line 2.0

Welcome to the new home of End of Line. It was about time I shifted to a real website, rather than simply borrowing space from the fine WordPress folks. At the same time, I put in a good upgrade in style and look of the place.

So there a nice new fresh coat of paint on the walls. But also probably a whole host of bugs to figure out. Feel free to point out anything you see that’s wrong.  I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Other than that, everything will remain as always. The standard three posts a week will continue, and I’ll maintain the same mix of geekiness, activism and skepticism that you’ve come to expect. Look forward to seeing all you readers around the new place.

Note for RSS readers: You will need to update your feed to the new address: http://endofline.lesterbell.com/feed/. That way you’ll get all the updates as before. Thanks.

-That is all.