Who am I?

My name is Nick Bell.  Born and raised in Mid-Michigan, I went to school at Lawrence Tech.  There I earned a bachelor and a master degree in architecture.  I am luckily enough to actually put these degrees to use, working at a residential design-build firm in Ann Arbor, MI.

One of five children, I had learned to love family or become bitter and angry.  Luckily, I took the former route.  This well prepared me for my eventual wife and her nearly equally large family.  Michelle is a birth and postpartum doula, a midwife in training, and a regular contributor the Gaythiest. While there are no children in our household yet, we do have a pair of cats named Eva and Boo.

I am a nerd and a geek.  I am also a feminist and an atheist.  Along with probably a dozen more labels I could think up if needed.

Why End of Line?

The blogs title comes from the movie Tron, where the Master Control Program would end its conversations with Dillinger by typing “End of Line.”  This too is a reference, to end of a line of code.  This is called a newline.

So the title was selected for the nerd reference.  But it is also a symbol of my blogs content.  Here is where I end my “old line” of polite discussion, of always holding back for fear of offense.  It is the start of a new line, where I can be brutally honest about what I think, no matter the offense it causes.

What is the blog about?

Anything and everything.  Primarily about geek topics (video games, role-playing, technology, etc) with a secondary focus on activism and skepticism.

When are new entries posted?

I write three posts a week, which are posted at 12:00 AM EST on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Occasionally there will be a bonus post here and there, if something inspires me and can not wait.


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